More Story Starters!

Selorian: His memories were like the snowflakes. They formed, floated down to him, and dissipated when he tried to hold on to them. #storystarters

Selorian: The snake wrapped around his leg and beat him with it’s whip-like tail. He frantically kicked, trying to dislodge it. #storystarters

Selorian: The radio blared to life at precisely 8am, just as it did every morning. It went unnoticed by the couple in eternal slumber. #storystarters

Selorian: Respected stock broker to drug addicted homeless man. Nine days. A walk into darkness. #storystarters

katirra: As the elevator abruptly stopped, panic set in. Claustrophobic, she’d taken it today b/c doc. advised her to conquer fear. #storystarters

Selorian: The waves crashed into the beach, dragging remnants of my lost life out to sea. With each came new determination to live. #storystarters

ajbarnett: A room, dark with shadows, coloured only by the feeble glow from the gas fire. A sad umbrella plant, desperate for water. #storystarters

Selorian: “I’m not sure that you fit into the longterm plans of the company any longer.” #storystarters

Selorian: Dawn broke on the first day after the end of the world to reveal some things went on. #storystarters

jessrosenbooks: The coffee tasted funny. The toast was off, too. He spit it out, unable to swallow. The soggy blanket fell on his face. #storystarters

Selorian: The straight and narrow is the hardest path to follow because of all the twists and turns required to stay the course. #storystarters

Selorian: The trunk of the tree opened up and swallowed him before he had a chance to run. #storystarters

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