The Hidden Garden

A city oasis

The office was unbearably hot, the aircon had died and due to the scorcher of a summer they were having the shops were all out of new units! Samantha sighed and stretched in her swivel chair, she was drenched in sweat already. It didn’t help that the window was actually nailed shut!

Her micro-managing boss had done that, to stop people from breaking the aircon by opening it, what a laugh! But the heat really was bad, she felt slightly sick. Standing she walked to the window and examined the nails. The wood was riddled with little wholes, she pressed her finger into it and smiled grimily – the wood was soft and rotten and full of wood worm. She pulled at the upper part of the frame and with a groaning sound the nails ripped through the wood.

The window slide upwards.

Cool fresh air caressed her face, she drank it in, admiring the smell of blossom that it carried. She opened her eyes and lent forward to peer out. Her breath caught, there where flowers and butterflies and the sunlight was not harsh but a beautiful golden shimmer on everything. The leaves dark and green seemed to glow from within.

There was an entire meadow there beyond her, and at window height! Samantha stared at it, the building must have become one of those living green buildings, the sort the Permaculterists where always going on about! How had she not noticed.

She reached out to the cool looking grass, but it was just beyond her reach, she scrambled up onto the window seal and leaned out, little yellow stars of flowers smiled up at her. She over reached and tumbled.

She was blissfully in hailing the flowers when she smashed into the pavement below.

Hour later her boss sadly nailed the window shut, this time she would brick the thing up, ‘bloody fairies’ she whispered and shock the tear from her eye.

Posted: Thursday, January 30th, 2014 @ 10:45 am
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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