China in Her Face

‘When they begged for mercy I cut them to shards a piece at a time. You ask what I feel about the monstrous actions I took and I tell you sir that they were not monstrous but beautiful and just.

How dare you speak of mercy and torture – You who have glued my face back together, showing the crazy paving cracks. I wish that you had shown mercy and let me bleed out there in the chamber of my alteration and vengeance. That you chose to reconstruct me in the image they made, tells me that I do not want to be part of this world.

They grafted porcelain to my bone, burnt off my skin, a millimetre at a time, they paralysed me but gave no pain relief, singing the nerves so they would feel no more eventually so that my body remembered the pain. They simple stopped me from feeling anything new. There is no distraction.

No one will kiss this cheek, it is a mockery of me. Smooth as you’ve made it, as smooth as they made it. They painted it with the blue willow pattern, glazed me under a blow torch that melted my retina, and they called me Doll.

I sense you there and I know you can not understand why I smashed my face and cut them with each sharp fragment of self, stripping the skin as if I meant to make ribbons from them. But think on this – I was once a daughter, of people like you. If I survive your verdict, which I beg the universe I do not, I can not ever hope to see my family again. I would be a living nightmare for who could love the smashed doll?

:: archive entry, judge found The Doll guilty but due to her suffering ordered a quick execution. Morning January 25th. However the alteration of her body was more extreme than we had realised and it was found we could not kill her. We could smash glass bones and porcelain skin but somehow she was still there. Out of pity we reconstructed what we could, and placed her in the custody of The Island. There she was placed in our Unearthly Weapons Campaign. For more information see file Twisted Doll ::

Posted: Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 @ 8:56 am
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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