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I have found like the most useful hashtag on twitter for short story writers! It is: #storystarters – I have gone back through the archive and extracted the ones I want to use in future and I will do a round up of the ones I like in future 🙂 Looking at the list it looks like Selorian is my favourite but then he is also the most active 🙂 My Friday Flash Doomsday yesturday was from one of his starters!

Selorian: Nightmares can be woken from and forgotten. There isn’t that luxury with real life. #storystarters

Selorian: Strong convictions only get in the way of a successful political career. #storystarters

Selorian: The swamps were filled with gators, poisonous snakes , and other dangers. None of those were what worried him. #storystarters

Selorian: It was driven into him that he was the bad kid–a monster. He was neither; he was autistic & people were too scared to care. #storystarters

melissamurphy2: #storystarters Death seemed to follow her, leaving a swath of suffering in her wake. Would there be no end to it?

Selorian: The coffee was a special alien blend. Twelve varieties of beans chosen for their ability to raise creativity. #storystarters

The tender spot had moved overnight. She winced as she felt her stomach & pain flared. Then something moved under her skin. #storystarters

Selorian: The giggling grew louder. Two girls, younger than his daughter, sat cross legged in the darkness in the cemetery. #storystarters

jessrosenbooks: She ran. Her pulse was so loud, she didn’t hear footsteps. The window was her only chance. Jerked back, she heard ripping. #storystarters

jessrosenbooks: The snow was maddening. Its cold. Its smell. The brightness, the quiet. The crunch of footsteps split the silence. #storystarters

melissamurphy2: #storystarters . Her lifeless body was being tossed back and forth mercilessly against the cliff wall by the huge angry waves.

Selorian: She dipped her fingers into his chest and played with his heart. Hatred morphed into love within his watching eyes. #storystarters

Selorian: She clutched the faded blue cloth rose as she ran through the swaying wheat.He’d kill her for taking it, just like her mother.#storystarters

Selorian: Sixty steps true west from the twisted tree. A slab of limestone protruded from the ground. Hell waited below it. #storystarters

Selorian: Concern etched across his face as listened to the person on the cell phone. She watched tied & naked from the bed as he left. #storystarters

katirra: Between dodging bebe guns & amorous males, she regretted her wish to spend a day as a squirrel. No wonder the genie laughed. #storystarters

Selorian: RT @melissamurphy2: #storystarters She heard the cries of pain and terror from a dozen or more anguished voices at once and felt his del …

Selorian: The dust devil crossed the parking lot as she waited, picking up litter in its small, but very real, fury. #storystarters

Selorian: The weight of the pistol grew with the realization of what he’d done. She stared wide-eyed, waiting for him to join her. #storystarters

ClaireGoverts: So this is the end of the world? She’d thought there would be more fire. #storystarters

gregmcqueen: He stuck out his tongue to catch a falling snowflake. Then he spat, as his mouth filled with the bitter taste of ash. #storystarters

Selorian: There was no hiding the wonder in her eyes as she looked out across the frozen landscape of standing corpses. #storystarters

Selorian: The switching of life forces had been outlawed, but he didn’t have any choice if either of them were going to survive. #storystarters

katirra: A six-foot hot pink alien woman wearing lime bib overalls was not what Bruce was expecting when he opened his eyes. #storystarters

wotv: “I dare you,” she said, her eyes cold. “I dare you touch it.” #storystarters

wotv: Standing at the edge of the pool, she swallowed the remaining scotch and prepared to die. #storystarters

katirra: Dashing for the bathroom Fred now knew why “The Beast” malt liquor was on sale for $0.69 a can. #storystarters

summoner2100: He sat at his desk typing an email. The phone rang. It was his boss. He didn’t want to pick it up but he had to. #storystarters

Selorian: The maple tree shook as he tapped it, as if hit by a stiff breeze, and crimson liquid began slowly dripping into the bucket. #storystarters

gregmcqueen: As he let her lifeless body drop from his hands,Ray’s mind burned with a question that had plagued him for years. WHY? #storystarters

Selorian: “Two hearts beat within him. His and the heart of the man who died two hundred years earlier.” #storystarters

melissamurphy2: #storystarters The swirling colors and lights dancing with shadows twisted in front her and Alisa was spell bound, unable to look away.

CascadeLily: The man with eyes the colour of night stood over the body. “You are going to hell,” said the old lady. The man simply smiled. #storystarters

summoner2100: He stood at the end of the corridor. The empty elevator shaft was his only escape. @storystarters

darcknyt: #storystarters She took a long slow drag from her cigarette, blew out the plume, and licked the blood off her fingertips one at a time.

darcknyt: “Do…do you see that?” she said, eyes wide. He followed her stare, and pointing finger. The he saw it and his breath caught. #storystarters

marisabirns: Just before he left home for good, Hal made a pot of soup for the family. #storystarters

Selorian: She enjoyed the lingering feel of him on her skin. Mixing his ashes with a little aloe was a wonderful idea. #storystarters

FutureNostalgic: Now just what is that doing there he thought, poking the festering object with his toe. #storystarters

HeatherMeMaher: He scratched and dug until the skin broke, fascinated by the perfect sphere of blood forming at the top of the bug bite. #storystarters

melissamurphy2: #storystarters She glanced around the room nervously once more as if searching for hidden demons still lurking in the shadows.

jessrosenbooks: The time came for her to stay in the house alone. Trembling, she tried not to remember scrubbing the kitchen ceiling. #storystarters

Selorian: He knew they called him the Jester King. He supposed it was appropriate. Make him laugh and he spared your life. #storystarters

Selorian: Setting off explosions to create controlled avalanches was dangerous work, but he enjoyed the power too much to give it up. #storystarters

Selorian: The pitter-patter of little feet in the hall normally woke her each morning. Today it was the absence of it that did. #storystarters

katirra: Mystified and frustrated by vague instructions, he dumped the bicycle parts on the sidewalk. #storystarters

katirra: Drinking moonshine while cooking turned out to be a bad idea. #storystarters

Selorian: The end of time is when the clocks slow down, stop, and begin ticking away again backwards. #storystarters

Selorian: It’s in our darkest hour that the darkest part of us, our primal instinct to survive no matter the cost, is revealed again. #storystarters

Selorian: It took the end of the world for peace to prevail. #storystarters

jessrosenbooks: Theatrically, he proclaimed, “How do I love thee?” His grin became wolfish as he reached into his pocket. “Like this.” #storystarters

HeatherMeMaher: “This one time I was eating a french fry and I choked and died.” Dan shook his head. Goddamn five-year old liar, he thought. #storystarters

Selorian: “Once in a lifetime experience,” the man shouted from the exhibit. “Experience death at the hands of Jack the Ripper!” #storystarters

Selorian: “Keep the damn dog,” she hissed, dragging her luggage out the door. “He requires too much attention, just like you!” #storystarters

Selorian: The blades flashed and a sudden pain erupted in his chest. Stumbling back, he looked down at a sword buried between two ribs. #storystarters

Selorian: “Time to die,”came the whisper again. The basement had been the morgue. Was it a threat or a statement the spirit was making? #storystarters

Selorian: Playing a ouija board in the middle of an Indian graveyard at the stroke of midnight is never a good thing. #storystarters

Selorian: It came into town through the train tracks. A crackling blue energy riding the rail and intent on dragging us all to hell. #storystarters

Selorian: “The only thing I hate about fingerfood is when they forget to remove the fingernails and the rings.” #storystarters

Selorian: He took a sip of the strawberry shake as he removed the covers from his scope. One shot and it was off to see a movie. #storystarters

HeatherMeMaher: It was Freeman’s day to kill. But the knife, still crusted with last week’s blood, seemed dull. #storystarters

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