National Novel Writing Month is almost upon me and as I have spent this month warming up with GothNoWriMo I feel elated going into it 🙂

The Cavern has gone through the scope of Novelette and out beyond Novella – it is novel material and will continue going out upon this blog as a serial. There is a lot still to do with it – gaps and what not that need fixing 🙂

So what to do for NaNo?

Well traditionally I have worked on my Punk universe the origins of which you can see over on Purple Monster. I have often written short stories and flash fictions within the same universe as world building hence the category on here!

Last year I worked on a Trilogy called the Godex which started as a GothNoWriMo project – it is about the Punks brother but that is as they say another story 😉

I have another story set based in the world called Promethius which I have been sorting out thorny timeline issues with and character building. I am thinking that this may well be the story I go with for NaNo – either that or I will be doing shorts or flash fictions but knowing me I think it will pretty much be the novels – the fact that I should edit the stories I’ve ready written is something I am ignoring (for now).

Posted: Thursday, October 31st, 2013 @ 9:25 am
Categories: The Punks World.
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