Launch Party

In October 2009 I made a little book of poems from ideas Jeany gave me and made a little hand drawn booklet – after much pleading of people I produced an electronic copy last year with some added poems. Now there is a physical booklet/book and to celebrate there is going to be a real life PARTY! (sadly this invite is only extended to people I actually know).

A Halloween themed party 🙂 There will be cake and sandwitches and the like, there will be the books which I know no-one will actually bother too buy!

There will be stickers and postcards and bookmarks in goody bags – so if you don’t tell me you are coming there may not be a bag for you!

And a free book to who ever brings the best carved pumpkin.

It starts at 5 with party games such as apple bobbing and doughnuts on a string. Buffet unveiled at 6 and a rendition of the book at 7. There will then be a small fireworks display (don’t expect bangs and screeching! Due to the animals).

There may even be some spoogy story telling and a yeti to hunt.

After that it is adult only fright night! With horror films and the like – feel free to bring your own choices. (Any children staying the night can be bedded down in the girls room for a spoogy sleep over).

People are welcome to stay for the whole weekend, there will be Autumn Creativi Tea on the Sunday. Friends and kids and what not are as always welcome 🙂

Posted: Thursday, October 10th, 2013 @ 9:00 am
Categories: kids, Publications.
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