My Story Starter 2

Story starters are there for anyone to use – enjoy!

1) They did not approve, but how were they to stop the boy before he destroyed their family reputation?

2) Blasts of plasma exploded the rock next to him

3) The moment stretched out before them not infinite but enough to con the human mind

4) Clusters, everything always ended up clustered, even things that should have repelled seemed to group together

5) It was Valentines Day or that day

6) Juliet whispered in his ear – the ogre it seemed could be tamed

7) The grass here was glass, well a kind of ceramic really

8) Wall flowers vied for space to be sad and on their own

9) The cool breeze spoke of glaciers and blizzards of an extreme nature

10) It was just a bowl, nothing remarkable, it was not even made of anything interesting

Posted: Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 @ 8:25 am
Categories: Story Starters.
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