Pink Flapping Monster

Pink Flapping Monster (First published on Turquoise Monster)

Upon a Welsh Mountain Side
Above a disused slate quarry
Below a turgid sky
In a fine hazy drizzle

A monstrous pink flapping monster
Perched on the edge
About to take flight

Fear sticks in the throat
Fear jellifies the knees
Fear pancake flips the stomach
Fear trembles the lips

But dad is there
Saying ‘don’t be afraid
Pink pterodactyls are extinct’
And pink bats don’t exist

We draw close
We draw near

The pink flapping monster
Charges us
A shreak of fear
Big strong arms
A bear face grinning
Brow prickling beard
And blue crinkled eyes
A greeting hug

‘I forgot me coat
Had to wrap meself in an old sheet
And with a smile
We went to see today’s
Paleontological find

Posted: Thursday, September 26th, 2013 @ 3:26 pm
Categories: Verse.
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