Plasticine [Published on Turquoise Monster and The Oxford International Women’s Festival Anthology]

In the beginning I was a new pack of plasticine
All rainbow colours in neat rows
But People took pieces of me
And began molding me as they thought I should be
My Parents
Teachers, doctors
Neighbours, the Church, friends,
Bullies and boyfriends
Each made an effigy
That was not me
Just a distorted fraction of self
And then each grew bored
Became annoyed at my ill fit
They grew angry
Mashing those fractions
That did not fit with their world view
Leaving me formless

Disappointed, they all finally went away
Leaving me a mess
No identity, no existence
Just a sense I had let them all down
But then you came along
And saw the faint rainbow swirls
Like oil on the surface
And you asked how I wanted to be molded
And said it did not matter that I couldn’t choose
I’m still malleable
But it’s put to a different use
You call it adaptable
And build me scaffolds
For the larger forms I wish to take

Posted: Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 @ 2:57 pm
Categories: Verse.
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