Deceived and broken she lay, her body twisted and inert now, the body she had hated so much as she had grown up. They’d left it there like so much rubbish, but she had not been rubbish, she had been a buetiful woman – something she had always wanted, she hadn’t quiet been there, had still been saving but no one could tell that from the outside.

They had told her she was pretty and had merely smiled when she had explained her predicament and had told her to follow them for a good time. So thrilled to find people so happy to be with her. They had plied her with drinks and took her out into the back ally. And there they had called her a faggot and striped her naked, told her she was the deceiver – of how she polluted the minds of the young. What a freak! *Despicable* – all truths she knew. She begged them to stop but they said her kind had to go, they said many had to go, they said they’d leave them all in the gutter just like her.

*But* she mused as she sat there looking at the corpse, they had deceived themselves, they took what they really wanted from her, pretending that it was punishement, denying their own intenations. She at least had known what she was. And now she was free and she was most definitely a she – she just had to make sure she picked the right body this time round.

Posted: Sunday, December 27th, 2009 @ 5:51 pm
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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