Strawberry Wax

Ulga stared at Mr Thomason from where she had fallen, his punch did not show, did not mar the beauty of her young face. Her school bag lay covering her indecency, the skirt was too short and her shoes too mature a style. He turned away from accusing green eyes. ‘You will not wear such clothing to school, it is a uniform not a place to strut and preen.’ He heard her shift and start to get up. Fury filled him. How dare she!

‘Sir?’ she asked quietly and he almost turned.

‘You need to go home and change,’ he said. the strain of not strangling the pretty neck made his voice shake. He’d seen her with that Dean boy, them laughing. Seen him reach over to kiss those lush lips.

She wasn’t going though, she was standing there behind him, too close, far to close for here, some one could come down the corridor at any moment. ‘I know you love me,’ she purred in his ear, sickness washed his stomach cold. ‘I know what that means sir.’ She stood away from him and he turned to stare, she was clutching her bag and blushing, the coyness of before gone, had he imagined it?

She looked down shyly, ‘I will lay through your personal lessons sir, as many as you want, I… but punch me again, or touch my stomach ever and I will tell everyone what Sir does to his favourite student, the school and the press wont care that I am a orphan or that I was almost 16 before you touched me.’ She looked up at him, burning. He took a step back. She stepped forward and pushed up on her toes. She kissed his open mouth, strewberried wax. And she was walking away. The click of her little heels on the laminate. She had never stood up to any one before. He wondered what had happened to make her suddenly so stronge.

He would kill her, he wouldn’t mean too, he had always just been so angry and the more he loved them the harder he hit them, the colder he was. And he had never loved anyone as much as he did her.

Posted: Thursday, August 25th, 2011 @ 8:41 am
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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