The Zombie Quintet

It turns out that within my Punk Universe which is Scifi though sometimes presents as fantasy and/or horror there are in fact 5 types of zombies!

They have been present for a lot of history but something happens and there are suddenly lots of them.

If you don’t like spoilers then look away!

There is one zombie apocalypse which along with various other factors drives people into living on sea steds (where we first found the Punk). But there are 5 types of zombie and it happens over a couple of decades.

So that means there are five main zombie stories though also the potential for lots of shorter bits of fiction.

This means what I started in July was the beginning of the Zombie Quintet!

I also found a chapter or so I wrote last year of a second zombie book and have a short piece that is connected/might be the beginning of the third.

Anyway at the moment the titles are:

1) The Flesh the Word

2) It’s Not What You Think

3) Blue Lotus

4) The Ghetto Breed

5) The Blood

Posted: Thursday, October 8th, 2015 @ 8:38 am
Categories: The Punks World.
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