MoP – Update

I have been focusing on actually writing poems for the first part of the Month of Poetry. I know that is kind of the point but I tend to use writing challenges like these to get projects moved along so say when I was doing the Little Books I would set myself time to do the illustrations and editing and stuff.

But this year I am kind of tackling things a little differently – for a start I have currently taken down all my ebooks due to the VAT situation – it all looks very complicated and I’m not brilliant at the admin side of things as it is.

However, I still want to continue with the blogs and I decided when thinking about the New Year stuff that what I would do is actually sort out my poetry blog and type up all the note books and stuff I have. If I can get my poetry blog far enough a head then I am going to start sending poems off again but I do really really want the blog full first.

As for my other collections – I may move over to a donation/give what you want model but I need to see how that will work legally. Anyway the upshot of this is that I am actually spending 30 hours this month writing poetry plus the little bits I jot down when inspiration strikes :)

It will all be going on Turquoise Monster with maybe a few bits on here.

Posted: Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 @ 5:42 pm
Categories: Inspiration.
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