30 Story Ideas for Kid’s Books

It is GothNoWriMo and I am attempting to write lots of horror and/or spooky halloween themed stuff this month – I am also sorting ideas for future writings :) So here are my 30 story ideas for the younglings:

1) Dino Raw

2) Alien’s Landing

3) The Dragon Over There

4) The Goo

5) Vampyra’s First Teeth

6) Pointed Conversation

7) The Hound of the Basket Ball Court

8) Little Ghost Says Boo

9) Mini Monster

10) Ten tangled Tenticals

11) Knock on Wood

12) Hetty Peglar and the bothersom Banshee

13) Hetty Peglar’s Day at the Beach

14) Hetty Peglar and the Robot of Doom

15) Hetty Peglar’s Ware Slippers

16) Hetty Peglar and the Whispering Wardrobe

17) Marly and the Glitter War

18) Pumpkin Dragon (a Horace the House Dragon story)

19) Creatures from the Deeps

20) Gladace the Glittery Ghost

21) Muse Monsters Comic Adventures

22) Pumpkin Bear’s Stare (Part of the Berry Bears)

23) Witch Bear is Where? (Berry Bears)

24) Vampire Bear Beware! (berry bears)

25) Spider Bear’s Hair (BB)

26) Wear Bear Cares (BB)

27) The Spiral on the Hill

28) Under Glass

29) Ghost Captions

30) Monster Moo (No Dairy Mary)

Posted: Friday, October 3rd, 2014 @ 12:48 am
Categories: Inspiration, kids.
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