Ice Flo

I am here, I AM here, can you not hear? Few do, explorers come and go, not realising that when they rest on the ice bed – they rest above my bones. I am old now but my face is locked in youth, pale skin, translucent, tinged with the cold that surrounds me. I am here!

My lips need warmth, they have yearned for soft warmth, for now they are hard curves made of water stone and I am HERE.

I stare up through the layers, a distorted world I see, deep blue as the ice steals the red from the light and the sky is a prism so deep my mind swims in thoughts. It can do nothing else as I am here.

It may have been my eyes that started it, so pale, blue and blue and blue like the caves that are whittled in the glacial wall. Or was it my hair? White at birth, the snows claimed me as their’s. I was born on the flow, born into the glacier’s maw. Ice princess.

I will always be the Ice Princess, I am here! I am always here, I AM HERE. I call to you with my mind, they said that I could do that but you hunters, you explorers you do not hear, you never hear. Never ever hear, that I am here.

The ice from between the stars has lodged within my breast and I choke upon the thoughts of eternity, why can you not hear – I am here.

I am dressed as I’ve been dressed for ages gone, white and silver, flowing, the effect of snow angel marred only by my blood. I never finished bleeding out my life and I await my resurrection in the Hunting Halls. Death does not hear me either.

The ice loves me and keeps me whole, but my life flow can not be put back threw the hole they put in my skull. I am here.

Why do you not hear?


Posted: Thursday, January 16th, 2014 @ 9:36 am
Categories: Flash Fiction, Verse.
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