Other Flasher’s Stories

Blood Curse – I really liked this one and it turns out to be part of a bigger story which I am going to have to go and read!

Control Tower Broadcast: Houston; Plutonic Colony – 2340AD

Tickets, Please. – I really like this one :)

Locked Away – this ones good

In Time for Breakfast


Letters to Santa Series – Letter 1

“Truth Lies Behind the Smile” #Fridayflash

E Tu Brute ? – I like this one

Comes the Witching Hour – I like this one though I did have a turn and thought I was in a Charles Stross Atrocity Archive spin off there for a moment!

Just a Job

Of Panties and Pirates This one made me grin evilly.

Twist in the Tale – I liked this one, clever title :)

Stabilizer. I like this one though it is a bit muddled – reads like part of a longer story and looking at the sight think that’s what it is so will have to investigate.

Monster on Aisle 13 made me almost laugh

FridayFlash this one doesn’t have a title but is one of my favourites this week – it is extremely cleaver and gets right inside the mind set it is trying to portray.

Bathroom Monologue: The Balrog Looms I actually laughed

Ones I haven’t had time to read yet:

A glance into the unknown girl’s thoughts – by Estrella Azul


But what a way to go

A Little Killing

Anasazi Runner

Blood Is Thicker Than Moonshine

Brides Of The Trailer Park Of Dracula

Careful what you seek

Christmas Coral

Darkness Was Her Dress



Fluffy and the Terrorist

Hibernation is Over

His Name Was Bill

Horrific Premiums

Hot Spot

Jeopardy in Hell


Ok I’ve found that someone else has already done this and better than me! so here they are

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