Writing Inspiration – National Geographic

I thought I would share some of the places and things that inspire me.

To start with I thought I’d mention the publication National Geographic, they produce a website, several imprints and have various twitter accounts including a photo a day. What I like to do is buy a copy when I am going on a long journey, I read it from cover to cover often becoming inspired to write just from the articles. Sometimes when I am not feeling flush with money I go to the library and spend a day ready their latest release, then I start writing from the articles and images and sometimes just the titles of the articles is enough – though mainly it is the images and photographs combined with the writing.

Often the story produced will have little to do with the actual article the picture is connected too, though poems are often little dialogues on the over laying theme of what is written already. I do what I term response writing – as in I read the article or look at the picture and then without giving my brain time to think or tell me nah this story isn’t going to work – I just start writing. Sometimes it is part of a story I am already working on or one I have forgotten about and other times it is obviously the start of something longer – but mostly I get short stories and poems.

They also produce documentaries which I love to watch gathering little snippets for my larger novel writings and also books full of the lovely images I find so useful.

I have also found that charity shops will normally throw away mags that are donated but if you say you are looking for something specific they can be quiet helpful. I hope this proves useful to you.

Posted: Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 @ 4:13 pm
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